Friday, December 29, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I was going through my research notes for Weapons and ran across the interviews I did with several men, all of different age, race, economic and marital status, asking them what about women attracted them. As this is a blog on how to be a weapon of mass seduction, I thought you'd be as interested as I was to hear their answers. For the record, all of the men mentioned in some form or another "great tits and a slamming ass," so let's just put that out there now. But beyond that, their answers proved to be enlightened and amazingly quite similar.

1. What about a particular woman who walks into the room do you find attractive and commands your attention? Joe, 59: For me, sensuality is the spark. I can look at a woman and the way she is groomed, really her attitude toward her dressing, catches my eye. That and mysterious confidence. She'll walk into a room, knows she's being checked out but waits to makes eye contact. Doug 26: A woman with a confident demeanor. Someone who's not afraid to get out on the dance floor and have fun, but not a freak either, a "lady" with a little bit of a wild side. But you get all of that from everything about her, walk, talk, dress, who she is with, what drink she orders, how she orders just have to assess well. Ted 39: A soft smile. Her confidence. The way she walks. God-given hair that can be styled in different ways. What she wears and how she wears it. How she innocently but strategically shows off her best attributes. Madison 50: Her style, her energy. It's really about the way a woman carries herself because style and energy will supersede age and looks.

2. What do you find sexy about a woman? Ken 45: Brains. There is nothing less sexy than striking up a conversation with someone who has no idea that a white woman just blasted her black husband out of a Tennessee jail. Or one who has no discernible position on why we are in Iraq. Maybe that makes me a lot different from all the other guys...and it might, but I have always felt this way. I would walk across the room to talk to a girl and I would likely say something witty that was current events or news related and if it sailed above her head I was always looking for away out. That conversation was over! Giuseppe 56: Passion is what makes a woman sexy. The body may not be perfect. The face more interesting than beautiful, but if a woman has charm then I want to know her. Joe: Doe eyes, well manicured hands and feet, subtle imperfections such as a mole on her lower lip or neck. Madison: A woman who communicates that she has a sexual appetite and sexual energy in a subtle way that lets you know she's no freak but she's no lady either. Doug: When my jaw drops while she is wearing flip flops, sweatpants, a sports bra and a hat. Anyone can look good dressed up, but if you can get my while you are bumming it....then you must be a keeper....and probably that little bit of a wild side I talked about earlier.

3. How important is the physical? Joe: Physical is not important if she knows how to work with what she has. If she's self-conscious about certain physical parts of her body and it shows, that's a turn-off. Madison: If she has other things to compensate for the physical--things like wit, intellect, humor, energy and good conversation the physical isn't so important and if she is attractive and has none of the other things it matters even less. Ken: Physical appearance is very important. I dated several women who I didn't feel were "pretty enough" to show to my friends. Then one day one of my friends was telling me about his new lady friend and he said, "You're not going to like her...she's not a beauty queen." And then I asked him when was the last time either of us was in the company of a beauty queen and we both realized that we ought to start worrying more about what we liked about a girl than what our friends liked. Ted: Very important. It's what catches the eye and stirs the imagination to wonder.

4. What's the one thing that will win you over every time? Ken: Brains. Being funny! Being down. Joe: Intelligence, wit, sense of humor, and a great smile. Doug: Gets me every time...that little smirk from across the room to say "Hello." Even if I have been with a girl for years, that will always make me smile. Giuseppe: Eyes that smile at me and tell me what she is really thinking. Madison: If she exudes life-force and sexual energy. That tells me she is into life and is a positive person instead of a complainer. I like a little aggressiveness--enough to tell me that she's independent and not trying to sap my energy. Ted: The combination of her lips, eyes, and smile. All: Great tits and a slamming ass.

Interesting, yes? So what do you think?

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