Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving Into Temptation

Ever since Eve seduced Adam into biting that apple, avoiding temptation has been drilled into our heads as the proper thing to do. But I ask you, can’t giving into temptation be a good thing sometimes (chocolate, jewelry and Idris Elba and George Clooney immediately come to mind)? Must we always avoid enticement? If so, why?

Consider this: A little temptation can be a very good thing because sometimes it acts as a catalyst for our personal growth. Sometimes in an impulsive moment, we find ourselves growing into the next version of ourselves—our more open, spontaneous, courageous, adventurous, curious, fabulous selves.

I've come to believe that many temptations we encounter are actually whispers of restless discontent attempting to lure us into questioning the status qua areas of our lives. Quite often one such area is sex. Sex is the one thing that we are the most curious and yet the least confident about. When it comes to sex our will to be good--to avoid temptation--often stands firmly in the way of our true needs and desires, without us ever really questioning why denial is the right and righteous thing to do.

Last year I was approached to edit an anthology of erotic stories. I agreed because I wanted to put my imprint on this huge genre and use erotica to help women really understand themselves through the sex they read in romance novels and anthologies, see in the movies and on television, and fantasize about through the lyrics of song.

In the stories included in Can't Help The Way That I Feel, you will meet several compelling characters who share some of your same feelings about their love and sex lives—boredom, confusion, dissatisfaction, prudence. And like yours, each of their journeys is different. But unlike most of us, they decide to take control of their hot sexy selves. Each woman finds herself giving into temptation, and in its aftermath, learning something about herself, and growing into the woman she wants to be. The writing, just like you, is elegant, sophisticated, sexy and hot but not raunchy!

These characters will tickle your fancy and ignite your lust as you live vicariously through their enticing sexcapades. And after they have you and your imagination revved up and ready to purr, let us tempt with three tasty, to-be-continued, story starters designed to get your creative (and other) juices flowing and help you make this anthology uniquely personal by finishing your own sexy tale on the blank pages provided. Delve in by yourself or grab the one you're with, and spend the night researching and then writing your personal erotic tale together.

Can't Help The Way That I Feel is in bookstores now, and you can also order your copy now from You an also go to and read about the authors and excerpts from their stories.

Please spread the word and let me know what you think of the collection.

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