Monday, February 7, 2011

Have A Musical Valentine's Day

This month is ripe for romantic entertaining, so my suggestion is to stop using music for simply background noise and instead, listening to music together a truly sensual experience. This Valentine's Day, consider having a listening party.

When selecting music for your evening, listen with your body, not simply your ears. Listen and learn where certain notes and instruments touch your body and create a musical chemistry within.

Include songs sung in another language. Let the vocal track become just another beautiful instrument for you to enjoy. This lets your brain relax and allows you full body listening pleasure.

Take time during the evening to lay back, snuggle up and really listen and enjoy the wonderful gift of music. Isolate each individual instrument. Revel in the notes and lyrics. Enjoy the way they caress and seduce your body.

You listen to a lot of music. How much of it do you really hear?

Here are some off the beaten path musical suggestions to add to your iPod:

Music from a Farther Room-Lucia Micarelli


A Gift of Love II Oceans of Ecstacy-Deepak Chopra and Friends

Amore-Andre Bocelli

Principals of Lust--Enigma

P.S. If you're in the Washington, D.C. area, join me at Secret Pleasures on Thursday, February 10th for a workshop on how to plan a Red Hot Night!

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