Thursday, May 1, 2008

Countdown to Fifty

I turn fifty in twenty-four days. It is my intent to blog about the top 25 things I've learned to love about myself, my life, my age and the world in my half century of life. It was my intent to begin today.

But life throws you curves. I learned this May Day that God indeed has a sense of humor.

Today I received my AARP card in the mail. It came the same day I received the news that I have to get braces. I'm so confused. The AARP card goes with my newly sprouted gray hairs (two to be exact). The braces will team up nicely with my adult acne.

My fifty and fabulous mindset has been momentarily altered.

Instead of blogging, I'm going to go have a cocktail or two and try to sort all this out. I'll be back tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of adult orthodontics. Get ready to answer the question; Why did you get braces at your age? That one gets old fast.

I'm just finishing up with my treatment and I can say it was been both frustrating and rewarding. There have actually been a couple of times when I forgot I had them on my teeth.

Good luck and hopefully lyour journey will be a smooth one.

Rhonda -

Brandi said...

Don't let that get you down. When my mom turned 60, she finally decided to have her teeth fixed. So she just had her braces removed and is well on her way to having a glorious smile.
Also, she's my inspiration because she is rocking the most beautiful salt and pepper hair.
So don't let the outside stuff get you down. You don't have the attitude of a 50 year old so there's no reason to start acting like one.