Thursday, May 1, 2008

Indulge Yourself

I was encouraged by the results of April's poll. Looks like the majority of you, 93% to be exact, have no problem indulging yourself with the things you love. Here's what you indulge yourself with:

Travel: 27%

Food/Wine: 15%

Stuff: 33%
(Handbags, jewelry, etc.)

Other: 18%

For the rest of you who say you never indulge yourself, I offer this food for thought: There is a huge difference between self-ish and self-ness. Showing yourself a little love by giving yourself something that makes you feel good about being you is not only right but necessary. Occasionally indulging yourself (the same way you indulge others you love) can be just the show of love you need to get you through or celebrate you.

And think about this. If you're unwilling to shower yourself with a little attention and affection now and again, why should anyone else?

What do you think?

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