Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guess What Your Man Wants for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and if you haven't already gotten your gift for your mate or you'd like to supplement the one you have with one he'd really enjoy, you're in luck. I did a quick, unscientific poll asking men what they would enjoy as a gift for this Valentine's Day. I was astounded that nearly every response asked for the same things. Here are some their answers. The best part is that these are gifts that won't cost you a cent but will buy you a lot.

"Most men of my generation see Valentine's Day as a day when they are the givers not the receivers, but if I could have anything, it would be the chance to spend some real time together."

"The best Valentine's gift that a woman can give a man is encouragement or any expression of gratitude."

"I think our time on Valentine's Day would be best spent trying to figure out how we can be better spouses/lovers/partners, etc. every other day of the year."

"Support and encouragement is the best - fortunately, I feel like I have that! Also, I want all of my women in my home to be happy tomorrow."

"A card and a kiss--as an old married man. As a young single dating man, I want some gluteous maximus."

"I don't expect anything on this day which would be different from other days. Valentines, like Halloween, has been exploited by the retail industry. Before you tag me as a bah humbug - I love Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, MLK Day - each recognize a historical event or person. The story of St. Valentine has been lost."

"I would like to get through Sportscenter without any interruptions. No questions, no comments, nothing."

"Hell, just give me 60 minutes of uninterrupted sleep."

"A weekend, all paid for, in a nice hotel, room service, and sex all weekend."

"Quality time together. Just a great night--wine, candles, cooking together, just talking and making each other laugh, not dealing with crowds."

Interesting, huh. Encouragement, support, gestures of appreciation, quality time. Wrap it up and put a bow on it!

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Claudia said...

I'm not surprised at all. I was thinking a good relationship doesn't need that - in fact my man brings me so many gifts when ever he feels like it, it would be stupid to expect something today just because of Valentines day.

I think quiet sensous moments are far more romantic than flowers, or dinner in a crowded restaurant.