Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Appointments to Make and Keep

As we adjust to the realities of our 'new normal' some of us are as busy as ever, while others are finding more time on their hands. As we strive to restructure our lives, I'd like to propose a list of must-keep appointments to make and keep.

1. Date night. If you're single, this applies to you too. Each week (or if that's not feasible, bi-monthly or even monthly), set aside time for you to romance yourself or your loved one. During these trying times, maintaining intimacy and treating yourself to special moments is paramount to keeping your spirits high.

2. Weekly check-in. Pencil in time each week for an 'I'm okay, you're okay" check-in with your family--be it spouse and kids, parents or siblings. Take the time to make sure you're up-to-speed on the happenings in the lives of the people you love.

3. A visit with Mother Nature. Now that spring is upon us, set aside time each day to commune with nature. Allowing some daily preoccupation with all you hear, see, taste, smell and touch is one way to stay in touch with gratitude and joy.

4. Girl Time. Factor in a little girl time at least once a month. As I have said so often, other women make us better at who we are, so block off a little time to get together with your best friend or friends to lend or receive a little love, laughter and support.

5. Doctor's Office. Good health is sexy. Schedule those appointments you've been putting off. Dental, GYN, annual physical, mammography. Ain't nothing hot about being broke down.

The lesson here? You really are in control of your time, so as the slogan of my mother's group, Mothers Off Duty, proclaims: "Put yourself on the list of people you take care of."

What do you think?

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