Monday, March 2, 2009

February Poll Results

Here are the poll results for last month's question: Who is it easier to talk about sex with?

50% said their girlfriends

42% said their husbands or lover

7% said they don't talk about sex at all

0% said their children

Kudos to those of you who are owning your sexual selves and sharing with your partners your thoughts, fantasies, doubts and delights.

For those of you who can talk to your girls but not your man, I'd suggest to you that while it's helpful to have the support from sisterfriends, you'll never fully own your sexual selves and until you do, your desire will always remain unfulfilled.

And for those who find it difficult to speak with their children, remember that their sexual values, opinions and hang ups will be shaped by someone--friends, the media, future partners. Shouldn't you have a hand in the process?

Come on! Go talk about sex, baby!

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