Friday, June 19, 2009


Still on my sensual movement soapbox. Last night I took my first Zumba class. It was taught by one of my best friends, Benita Perkins, who is a dancer and fitness trainer. It was FANTASTIC!! To everyone's surprise (I'm not a huge cardio exercise person...okay that's a big fat understatement)I was movin' and groovin' (how damn old am I??)and having a ball doing so. It's fun and I didn't feel like I was exercising at all even though I was exhausted and sweating up a storm. I enjoyed it so much, that not only am I going to continue to take the class but Benita and I are going to hook up to combine messages and do a whole new workshop that incorporates sensual movement. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, if you haven't been introduced to Zumba, check out this and video then check out a class near you.

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