Sunday, November 7, 2010

Butterflies, Lotus Blossoms and Other Signature Symbols

One of the five sensual signatures I advocate adopting is a personal symbol or icon. Companies brand their images with logos so consumers can pick them out in a crowd, so why shouldn't you?

What exactly is a signature symbol? It is something that you can see and touch that connects you with your true sensual self, reminds you of the woman you are striving to be and gives the rest of the world a hint of who you are (think Mariah Carey's butterfly). Lots of power packed into such a little thing.

I get lots of questions about what to choose and as always, I say try to identify a particular shape, color, animal, flower or thing that you've always been attracted to and give it your own definition of what it represents about you. Here are a few of the icons past Stiletto U students have chosen to define themselves.

Butterfly: Very popular icon. Represents transformation and metamorphosis--the ability to change and transform one's attitudes and ideas. Can represent beauty, freedom and joy.

Dragonfly: Can represent illusion and the idea that not all we see or think we know is exactly as it is. It reminds us that magic does still exist in the world if we simply open our eyes and look for it.

Hummingbird: Native Americans associate the hummingbird with timeless joy and the sweet nectar of life. It symbolizes accomplishing what seems impossible and living a joyful life in the circumstances you find yourself.

Lotus flower: It is said that Buddah rose from the center of the lotus flower. That said, the lotus flower is a symbol for rebirth. It also represents peace and enlightenment and is a symbol for all that is true and good and beautiful.

Bamboo: Can represent delicate beauty combined with strength and endurance. Bamboo bends but does not break.

Fleur de lis: Can symbolize excellence, light and illumination, purity, courage and faith.

Color Green: The fresh start of spring brings waves of Green and with it comes attributes of youth, sentimentality, nature, adventure, growth and health.

Star: Can represent high hopes and ideals, good luck, illumination, and a five pointed star can symbolize the five senses.

Apple: A symbol of ecstasy, fertility and abundance as well as love. Split apart, the Apple conjures an image of vulva, signifying feminine love and beauty.

Heart: Likely the most common symbol for love and has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for charity, joy and compassion.

So these are just a few of the endless number of icons you can choose that represent you. As always the key is to choose one and personalize its meaning to fit your truth and individual quest.


Veronica W. said...

this is a great post. Mine has --for a long time now--been the 5 pointed star. I draw it to dot the "i" when I write my name (even when i write checks) And I draw a larger star behing or under my name when I sign cardsm, write letters, etc.

and it symbolizes those exact things for me along with mystery. Stars are very mysterious to me.

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