Sunday, July 3, 2011

Declare Your Independence

Happy Fourth of July! On this day of national independence, consider declaring a little personal freedom of your own. Pick one thing that you're doing to please someone else or to conform to society that is in direct conflict to your personal desire or tastes. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Go gray. The average woman spends $330 a year on coloring her hair. Eager for authenticity, more women are celebrating their silver locks rather than hiding them. Perhaps it's time for you to consider freeing yourself from the erroneous idea that gray hair makes you look old. Let the silver fox emerge, get a sexy modern haircut and prepare to turn some heads. Remember, it's the way you think and act that makes you look old, not the color of your hair.

Wear a bikini,
even if only in the backyard. Liberate your thoughts about perfect bodies and fatal figure flaws. Let the sun kiss as much as your body as possible and move proudly, appreciating the fact that you possess a healthy, functioning body, and knowing that sexy is as sexy does!

Make yourself visible.
No need to make a scene, but let the bright colors, fashions, and accessories of summer help you stand up and out in the crowd. Throw on a statement necklace or some big and bold, 'can't miss me' earrings. You'll feel lighter and brighter attract more positive energy in return.

Embark on your personal pursuit of happiness.
Decide to do something this summer that you've always wanted to do, even if nobody else wants to join in. Travel somewhere new, take a pole dancing class or learn a new language. Do you for a change. No excuses. No regrets.

Create some fireworks of your own. Give your good girl some freedom as well this Independence Day. Try something new that you've read about, seen or heard about to shake up your love life and get the fire cracking. (Need ideas? Check out Can't Help The Way That I Feel.)

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If it's good enough to define a nation, it's good enough to define you!

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