Friday, January 26, 2007

# 2 WMS Must Have: A Signature Symbol

Along with her unforgettable scentuality, every WMS should have her own signature symbol or trademark icon. Companies brand their image with logos so consumers can pick them out in a crowd, so why shouldn’t you? Anything that makes you stand out is a good thing.

What exactly is a signature symbol?

It is something you can see and touch that connects you with your sensual, unique self, reminds you of the woman you are striving to be, and gives the rest of the world a hint of who you are. Lots of power packed into such a little thing.

Where do I find my signature symbol?

What I suggest to women is to try to identify a particular shape, word, or for lack of a more descriptive word, thing that you have always been drawn to. Maybe it's an orchid or circle or the moon or ocean or a cloud or an open eye. For me it was the sun, mainly with faces.

For years, without really realizing it, I’ve been drawn to and collecting images of the sun on everything from vases to beach towels. When I designed my first business card again, I unconsciously picked out a sun image as the 'logo'. One day I was flipping through a book on dream symbols and came across the sun. After the reading the definition I was amazed by how much I felt it defined me and my outlook on life. Right there I adopted it as my official icon. I now wear it on charm bracelets and around my neck. It adorns my stationary and my office walls. It’s on my website and if you get a greeting card from me, most likely it will have a sun on it or sun confetti falling out of it.

It never fails that someone notices and comments on my signature symbol and it really does make me feel unique and warm and is a constant reminder of the kind of woman I want to be: A woman who takes responsibility for making her own sunshine, and who is open and generous enough to allow others to bask in it as well. This knowledge of myself informs what I do and how I do it.

So think about the shape or symbol you’ve always been drawn to. You don’t have to worry what someone else tells you it means, just recognize what positive emotions it brings out in you and let those feelings influence the way you see yourself and the way you behave. Define yourself for the rest of the world and then let them get to know and love the sensual woman within.

What do you think?

Next Entry: Your signature style (Unless of course something else pops up!)

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