Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sensuality Lecture 101: Sensuality vs Sexuality

When you hear the word sensuality, what is the very first thought that pops into your mind?

I’ll pause while you ponder.

Okay, raise your hand if you said, “Sex.”

If you did, it’s okay. You’re not wrong, just a little misguided. Most people do think that sexuality and sensuality are synonymous. We’ve been trained that way. And for sure, sensuality is a key ingredient in achieving a richer, more satisfying sexual experience. But, as Joey Clements, the sensuality coach in my new novel, points out,

“Sensuality, my lovelies, is much more encompassing than just a mere sexual perk. To be sensual means to be acutely aware of your surroundings. It’s the joyous preoccupation with what you smell, touch, hear, taste and see. With the right state of mind, you can make anything a sensual experience—eating, walking, dancing, gardening, laundry—you name it.”

Think about it? Outside of the bedroom, just how sensual are you? Do you save the soft sheets for company? Your favorite outfit for a special occasion? Do you buy flowers only for special events? Light candles and put on sexy panties and perfume when it’s time to make love? Are you only sensual when other people are watching?

Have you ever picked up a rose petal, closed your eyes, brought it to your nose and inhaled its sweet bliss? A rose’s aroma is subtle and seductive…erotically innocent and yet confidently powerful. You haven’t noticed? Have you taken the velvety soft petal and rubbed it across your cheek or breast and felt your body tingle in reaction?

No? Why, because it is just a floral decoration?

Here’s more from Joey Clements.

“Sensual people savor the world around them, not simply observe it. They experience each task rather than rush through it to get at some imagined end, and in so doing, live a more passionate and appreciative existence.

“So by living sensually, you begin to see the world in vivid color and delight in the goodness that envelops you daily. You’re always in the moment and aren’t hung up on the future or the past. And this, my lovelies, has a huge bearing on how you perceive life…and sex.”

Make a commitment to yourself to notice the sensuality of the world around you. Take some time each day and vow to experience your world from a sensual perspective. Take a walk and notice the sounds, sights, smells, textures and tastes around you. Do the housework in your best underwear and listen to music that rocks you from the inside out. Make dinner a sensual extravaganza. From the laundry room to the bedroom and everywhere in between, explore the sensual you and learn how to use your unique sensibilities to create an extraordinary atmosphere in which to live, love and of course, make love. Stop looking at your sensuality as a sexual perk and start enjoying it 24/7. Because when you feel like a sensual woman you behave like one. And that confidence, my lovelies, is the true secret to driving your partner wild in bed.

What do you think?

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PoeticProphetess said...

I have read your book and am completely intrigued by your blog! Since reading the book, I have learned to look at the world around me differently, appreciating every sensous opportunity presented. Thanks for the candid conversation about our sensuality and sexuality.