Monday, January 8, 2007

Your Sensual Signature: Five Things Every WMS Should Own

We've all been there. You know, you and the girls decide to go out and hang for a while so you get all dolled up and hit the town. You're sitting in a place minding your own business, thinking you're looking cute and hoping someone else is going to think so too. And then here she comes. Ms. Thing. She sashays confidently into the room oblivious that all eyes, including yours, are on her. She's wearing the perfect little black dress (the one you've been searching for but always see on some other woman's back) and struts over to the bar in a way that makes every body part sway with come-hither appeal. It's a walk that brings men to her side and sends women into private places to practice. You feel both jealousy and admiration towards this diva. Talk about paling by comparison. Suddenly you don't feel so cute. And of course, the biatch sits down right next to you and instead of ordering a Cosmo like every other girl in the room, asks for some drink you've never heard of.

On closer inspection you see that she's more striking than beautiful. More sensuous than sexy. Of course, within minutes some Chris Rock looking guy is elbowing you out of the way to get to her. You watch her handle the admirer, graciously accepting his compliments with a you're-so-sweet-but-this-is never-going-to-happen smile and sending him back to his friends thinking he's Denzel Washington. You realize then that they key to her irresistible charm is confidence. This is a woman who is totally at ease with herself. A woman to study and emulate, not envy.

She has that undefinable "it" and you want it too. But how? Where do you start?

Most true WMS take great pride in their individual sensuality. They have, through trial and error and dedicated effort, honed a look and air about them that is unique and memorable. It's the little things that they do or say or wear that make them stand out in a crowd. And because they aren't trying to be like everyone else, being themselves can never be wrong.

So how do you cultivate your own sensual signature? My suggestion would be to start with the following list of five things that IMHO, every WMS should own and make part of their everyday existence. Each item on this list, first and foremost, should remind YOU that you are a confident, unique, sensual woman and by default the rest of the world will realize this too. And make a note: these are not items found on the 'what's hot' or trend lists of the season, but rather carefully considered 'finds' that define you.

1. Signature Scent. Every WMS should have her own scentuality. It's a sweet lasting impression that will linger long after you've gone.

2. Signature Symbol. Just like companies brand their products so should you. Identify your special trademark icon and share it with the world.

3. Signature Style. Know your personal style and dress and accessorize to express yourself. This includes everything from a signature accessory to your signature cocktail. And very WMS should own at least one pair of CFM shoes. Nothing can make you look more sexy than a great pair of heels or less sexy than a matronly pair of Aerosoles.
4. Signature Smile. You'd be surprised how much you don't smile and you should as it's your most effective seduction tool.

5. Sense of self. Woman know thyself, love you, live your truth and make no excuses.

Let's be clear. These are not things you put in your trick bag and bring out for special occasions. These are things you build your sensual persona around, the things people come to know you by. These are your personal touches that make you stand out in the crowd and mark you as a woman who knows and likes herself. You're not trying to dress up and play at being a sensual woman. You are owning your unique sensuality and therefore simply being irresistible you.

So take a minute to think about the list in general and then on the next few entries, we'll discuss each one individually.

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