Monday, February 12, 2007

#3 Your Signature Style

Sometimes, it’s the small and very personal things—shoes, jewelry or fragrance—that make you feel sensually unique and become lingering clues to your inimitable personality.

Every sensual weapon of mass seduction should have their own personal style. Know yours and dress and accessorize to express it. This includes everything from a signature piece of jewelry to your signature cocktail.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

1) Know your body as it is, not as you wish it were. Not like you imagine to be, and not how you intend it to be in the future (I still have an entire section of my closet full of stuff I’m going to get into). Understand your best attributes (those great eyes or sexy shoulders or slamming legs) because those are the things you’re going to dress to highlight. Just as important, know your ‘perceived” body flaws. Every woman’s got them, whether it’s cellulite, flabby arms, a minuscule bust or saddle bag thighs. I say perceived because if your body met the current beauty standards, you’d look like a twelve year-old boy naked and what’s so damn perfect about that. We’re women. We’re supposed to be curvy and swervy and soft.

3) Next take a quiet Friday night or Saturday afternoon and sit down with a stack of fashion magazine and catalogues. I’d avoid Vogue and all the high-fashion tomes because who really wants to strut around the streets wearing thick black lines under their eyes and a birdcage on their head. (Ladies, there’s a difference between personal style and crazy lady style) No, the more you can look at real women in real clothes the better. Tear out all the outfits that catch your eye. What you’ll find is that there is a certain look that you are drawn to. Now define that look for yourself in your own words. Is your preferred look elegant and tailored? Maybe funky but elegant. Feminine and sweet? Are you drawn to bold color or muted tones? Do you like classic looks or trendy pieces.

Discover the look you like and then head out to the stores and begin pulling similar looks in styles that flatter and highlight your positives and camouflage your negatives.

4) Find accessories that are unique and say YOU. I love high heels, shawls and wraps (it's the drama they create) and interesting evening bags (my favorite--a $5 coconut shell). And don't be afraid to wear them in ways other than intended. I have no problem wearing a necklace as a belt or visa versa. I love to create charm bracelets because they are unique to me and always catch people’s attention. They’ve become my signature piece of jewelry and whether it’s just one charm or a jingling bracelet of several I nearly always have one on. And damn it, I feel charming wearing them.

And don’t be afraid to extend this to your social style. Why be just another women sitting at a bar sipping a pink cocktail. Scour the bartender books and find a drink that becomes your distinctive version of ‘the usual.’

5) Every WMS should own at least one pair of CFM shoes. Nothing can make you look sexier than a great pair of heels or less sexy than a matronly pair of Aerosoles. Even if you can’t walk in stilettos, find a great, sexy pair of kitten heels in which to strut your stuff.

Your clothes, shoes and accessories all should all work together to tell the world that you are a woman to be noticed and admired, and most importantly should make you feel great about being you every time you step out because that's when a true WMS shines.

What do you think?

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Jasmin said...

I love this blog. This particular one is a good example of real advice. Thank you. I'm feeling hotter all ready.