Wednesday, February 21, 2007

#4 A Genuine Smile is Power

Okay, 'fess up while no body's looking. How often do you display EBS (evil bitch syndrome), probably without even meaning too? How many times has some man said hello or called out a compliment (not in a rude or obnoxious way but sincerely and appreciatively) and you've rolled your eyes, sucked your teeth, given him your "no you didn't" look, and kept on walking like he'd just said you had ashy ankles?

Come on. You know you've done it. I mean, why give him the time of day because after all, he is not the package you're looking for, especially because he's carrying the package you've been waiting for. He's not Mr. Right or even Mr. Right now. He's just a guy with his name on his shirt, who has the nerve to pay you a compliment. Bastard! What can Brown do for me? Not a damn thing!

I see women treat well meaning strangers this way time after time and then wonder why a good and attentive man is so damn hard to find, and don't understand why men think women can be so stuck up and full of 'tude. And again, most of us don't even realizing we're showing signs of EBS.

Okay, he may not be the one, but a true Weapon of Mass Seduction realizes that flattering comments from a man who just wants to let you know he recognizes quality when he sees it, is just another opportunity to practice letting loose her devastatingly genuine power smile and bask in some unexpected admiration.

Here's what flirt coach, Joey Clements has to say on the subject.

“We really don’t pay much attention to how much we don’t smile. And what’s most amazing about that is smiling is our most effective calling card; a free and easy spirit lifter; and a sure fire antidote to negative energy. A genuine smile is power. With it you can change another person’s entire mood and perspective."

You need to develop and practice your devastating grin so when the Mr. Damn! Schazaam! enters your orbit, EBS doesn't kick in by default. Smiles are like yawns--they're contagious. And a WMS wants to infect as many folks as possible. A smile makes you look friendly, confident and approachable and the other person feels more at ease. And if he’s feeling comfortable, he's bound to be more receptive and interested in you.

And remember the oh so important law of attraction: like energy attracts like energy. So if you insist on walking around breaking out in Evil Bitch Syndrome just because you can, expect to attract men with Nasty Attitude Complex, growling right back at you. You know what they say about birds of a feather...

Try this exercise: For the rest of this week pay constant attention to your facial
expression and practice smiling. If you’re waiting in the cashier line, smile. When you
pass strangers on the street, smile. Smile when you notice a beautiful flower or the clear
blue sky. Make it a habit and soon you will find yourself not only happier and more
persuasive but on the receiving end with greater frequency.

What do you think?

Next Entry: Being your Sensual Self.

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