Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Imagine...Happy Valentines Day

This poem was written by a good friend of mine. I thought it was a perfect love poem to share with you and hand copied on a beautiful, scented card, a beautiful poem to share with your loved one. Have a great Valentines Day and remember, love yourself.


see me
but not with your eyes
touch me
but not with your hands
hear me
but not with sound

imagine the possibilities
if you let your soul be unbound
finding me
when I’m neither lost or found

can you imagine the possibilities
like me?
I imagine you to be
so into me
that you’re apart of me
allowing me
to be me
and my soul runs free

and impossibility becomes sweet reality
as I can feel you without being felt
smell your fragrance without any scent
taste you without you ever present
and when you are next to me
you’re even that much more delicious

when you speak
the words I love you
are written within my palms
and when your heart beats
it sweetly speaks a rhythm
that sings love psalms

when I imagine the possibilities
your left eye is my sun
while your right eye is my moon
and when you look at me
I’m living within love’s eclipse
surrounded by soft touches, wet kisses
and eternal bliss

Ted Bell

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