Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get Ready for a Sizzling Summer

The Spring semester of Stiletto University begins the week of May 12th, in just enough time to get yourself ready for one hot and sizzling summer! Brush off those winter blues and spring into a fabulous new you.

Stiletto U is a six-week program dedicated to helping women blossom into the incredible, desirable women they were meant to be. At Stiletto U you'll learn how to bolster your feminine confidence by developing your unique individuality; to charm and disarm any and everyone who crosses your path; to wake up your sexy mind and excel in the art of seduction.

If you'd like to receive the Stiletto U course catalog or would like more information, email

PS. Gift certificates are available. A Stiletto U enrollment makes a wonderful and unique Mothers Day gift for the mom in your life, even if that W.O.W. (worn out woman!) is you!

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