Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Survey on Size

I'm still on vacation but this caught my eye and I wanted to share this survey with you. More proof that we put so much pressure on ourselves to be what we THINK men want, when the reality is so much different.

BY Lux Alptraum

Women are taught from an early age that being skinny is the way to be. Thin is in, skinny is attractive — and having that hot, fashionable body will always get you the boys. Right?

Well, maybe not. The UK’s Fabulous Mag recently conducted a “Fabulous Body Survey,” asking (presumably heterosexual) men and women about their ideal female body type. While the women stated a preference for a body around size 8 (US size 6), men were more interested in a slightly curvier size 12 (US size 10). Granted, both “ideal” bodies come in smaller than the average UK woman (who’s apparently a size 16 (US size 14)) — but at least this provides a little (more) proof that fashion magazines don’t always know what’s up.

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