Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Poll Results...Compliments

Here are the poll results for November. The question was about your ability to give and receive compliments.

54% said compliments were easy to receive and believe.

30% said compliments were difficult to receive and believe.

33% said compliments were easy to give.

3% said compliments were difficult to give.

So let me compliment the more than half of you who are living an all around complimentary life. Excellent work ladies! And also kudos to you who were happy to notice something nice about someone and comment on it.

I asked this because in a recent Unleash the Sensual You workshop I gave, I asked each woman in the workshop to stand in the middle of the circle while the others in the group gave her a compliment. You would have thought I said stand there so we could throw rocks at your head! Instead of hearing and internalizing the amazing things that stood out about them to strangers, most shut down and were visibly uncomfortable. They stood there squirming and fidgeting and screwing up their faces, wanting it to be over.

I had to ask, "So when a man comes over and says you have a great smile and you do that with your face, you are surprised that he doesn't follow through?"

If you take the time to listen, you will find that people--friends and strangers--are gifting you all the time, revealing what is unique and special about you. If you allow yourself to believe, you will find that these compliments become the cornerstone of your self-confidence.

Listen. Learn. And rejoice in your own wonderfulness!

What do you think?

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Seduction blog said...

Some good value in this post. Authentic compliments arise from feeling good about yourself. Happy Holidays!