Friday, August 21, 2009

The Beauty of Online Bra Shopping

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the basics, if it’s a choice between ordering online or heading out to the stores, I’ll boot up my computer first every time.

After years of online shopping, I've discovered that doing a little pre-work can save you lots of time and shipping charges on the backside. Especially when you're looking for apparel.

Bras and panties are something I love shopping online for. I do this because I can shop whenever I want and more often than not, I find great deals on my favorites in other colors and/or styles that the department stores don't carry. But before I order anything, I go to a reputable store and get properly fitted and try on different brands. On those fit/try trips, I also try on the beautiful bras that I covet knowing full well that I won’t be buying them there. I try them on so I know how they fit, and then I begin the hunt online to find them and their matching panties at a bargain.

For example, ever since my fit/try to Nordstrom a few months ago (I usually do these trips twice a year) I’ve been stalking two lovely brassieres, the Dentelle by Elle MacPhearson Intimates and the Chantilly Demi bra by Chantelle. GORGEOUS! At Nordstrom, the Dentelle was $65 and the Chantilly a whopping $105! I found both at in colors the department store didn’t offer and cheaper! The Elle MacPherson bra was $5 less, and the Chantelle, in red no less, was $78 down from $105, plus they offered free shipping on each U.S. order.

Unfortunately, the red bra was not in stock in my size but I just received the Dentelle and it is so gorgeous! I had got it in the French Nude (kind of a peach lace over black). Very ooh la la! Nordstrom only carried in white, by the way. Better yet, the construction is fabulous and offers me not only sex appeal but serious support, and these days I’m all about sexy and supportive! I love the way it showcases the girls, but more than anything I love the way I feel in it.

I’m telling you ladies, wearing great lingerie is like walking around with a delicious secret—a secret you can choose to share—or not. It’s also another way to add a little yummy scandal to your life and nobody has to know! And when you don’t even have to leave the house to indulge yourself, how can you not change your draws on the regular!

So mix a martini, grab your computer and do a shopping for some little sweet nothings. You can check out great lingerie sites as well as some of my other favorite links for places to help unleash the sensual you!

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