Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Poll Results

Here are your results for July's poll. In response to the query: If I could free my mind:

37% said you'd let your bad girl come out to play

9% said you'd summon the courage to leave your current relationship

20% said you'd leave your job and work your passion

32% said you'd stop worrying about changing yourself and let you be you.

Interesting that the majority of you, 69%, said that if you could free your mind of all of the rules, expectations, and opinions of others, you would basically live life by your own truth. Imagine if you had the strength to do that how much happier your life would be.

Mind over matter, people. Mind over matter. Or as the saying goes,
"If you don't mind, it shouldn't matter."

Take heed, summon your courage, and Do YOU!!

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