Monday, August 17, 2009

Lingerie To Bring Sexy Back

Bringing Sexy Back: Lingerie that's Sure to Create Some Sparks by

Too often we find the sparks of a romance burn down to embers as the weeks, months, and years go by. It’s no surprise when at the beginning we take so much time to groom our appearance to tantalize and entice, but as time goes on the effort put in equals the tension that is created…and that tension fades. But throw some of these hot numbers in the mix and you’ll be sure to rekindle your romantic and sensual spirit in no time. It’s all about adding that spark that lights the flame of passion again!

For the bustier girl, what better to put the RRRrrr back in Romance than a sexy and sultry leopard number with the superior fit and technology of Wacoal.

Don’t worry I’m not forgetting those with smaller packages, for the petite girl it’s all about presentation, and proper wrapping I’ve always found impresses, and with removable cookies you could always add in a little extra push to get his attention, try these inserts which can bump you up to a fuller cleavage!

Set it up right, with matching bra and panties you make the full impression. It’s like I mentioned before about packages looking better wrapped, so of course if you leave a corner open you let the mood slip right out! Don’t worry we have some sexy sets that I’m sure will set both of you in the mood for love, lust, and more.

This set from Wacoal Luxe is steaming hot! The double straps and the little peek-a-boo slits on the boyshort will make him think of Jane of the Jungle or some Amazonian goddess with her lingerie barely clinging to her… and he’ll be sure to cling tightly to you!

Chantelle bras fit a real woman, and there is something super sexy about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and with her feminine curves. This sexy set will honor those curves and make him honor you, as long as you like.

Some pieces just make you stop and stare, and if you pair this with some red lipstick, this gunmetal grey number will stop him in his tracks. Nothing like an alluring set of lingerie to take a man hostage!

I think there is absolutely something to be said for the more subtly sweet of sets, like this pairing from Elle Macpherson. It makes me think Girl Next Door but all grown up. Like a fantasy come true for most guys, and really this set is easy to wear without it wearing you, with just the right amount of everything left to the imagination.

Another more subtle approach by Elle Macpherson, and this one has a lot of what we’ve been talking about, bows that catch the eye and a lovely contrast that draws the eye upward on the bra.

It frames your curves and silhouette in a subtle way reminding him of what a pleasure it is to admire you from afar, and that will make him want to admire you up close at the end of the day.


Julie said...

The Chantelle is a very sexy piece.....I am a firm favourite of French lingerie but have you seen Miss LaLa which is English - very feminine....Julie x
p.s. nice post!

Super Mommie said...

Thanks for the post. There is nothing worse than ill-fitting undies. Pretty undies that fit make up feel so much sexier!