Monday, December 6, 2010

Go Beyond Mall Store Gift Giving

I decided to post my December Flirt Tip this month...

Tis the season for giving gifts and this year, let your lover find something a little different under the tree. In addition to that new gadget he's been hinting about, give him a taste of the holiday season that will keep on giving way after the Christmas tree comes down. Make your own gift certificates promising something uniquely personal and much more intimate than an iPad. Here are few ideas to get you going.

Gift him with an evening of sensual delight. Pick a date to make sex an event for the two of you. Remember when you were single and out to impress him and make him yours? Remember how interesting and exciting you made sex. Single sex tends to be more spontaneous, energetic and adventurous. When your man thinks about single sex, this is the mood he's missing and craving. He may love having married sex, which over the years becomes more about comfort than passion. So use the holidays to shake your married sex life up a bit. Give him a few nights of celebratory sex sprinkled throughout the year and make yourself Santa's favorite little elf.

Give him the gift of trust by presenting him with a boys night out without any drama or expectations. He loves you, but sometimes he needs a night out with his friends, just like you need that girlfriend getaway every now and again. Tuck a gift card under the tree with two tickets for him and his boy to a favorite sports event. Or plan and prepare a boys night in to watch a big game, with all of his favorite food and friends and then disappear and let them get their man on. Showing you trust him and letting him know you want him to be happy is truly a must have gift for the season.

If your household is anything like mine, your man is going to love this. Give him a six month free pass to make entertainment choices for the two of you. For half the year, let him pick the movies, the restaurants, the take out. Put your preferences on the back burner for just awhile and let him be the 'decider'. You'll be surprised that if you not only present this as a romantic gesture, and as you taking the opportunity to learn and enjoy life through his eyes, you'll score big brownie points and find yourself with a more cooperative mate the rest of the year!

The best gift of all is love. Extend the heartfelt romantic gesture of writing and gift wrapping a beautiful love letter expressing your feelings. Let him know he's more than your man, that he's your hero. Seal with a sexy, hot kiss and you'll be unwrapping the rest of your gifts December 26 as Christmas day will have become a lovers' holiday.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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