Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Magazine Mania

As promised, here are the magazines I currently read and/or subscribe to. These are the tomes that I luxuriate over and generally read cover-to-cover. This of course means that I have magazines stacked up and waiting to be read. I read and rip out the interesting stories and photos. They all go in a file. Unfortunately the files are still on my office floor but that's a different blog.

I read each one for a variety of reasons--to learn and grow, to stay current, for story and character ideas, to keep up with trends, to escape, to dream (thus my obsession with Departures Magazine).

My absolute favorite magazine is Vanity Fair. It combines everything that I think makes a woman sexy--current affairs, politics, fashion, celebrity and great articles. O Magazine always makes me think about myself from the inside out and More is helping me cope with the fact that I am turning 50 this year. I need a little advice about menopause with my best sex ever articles.

I also love Esquire because it keeps me in touch with the male mind. I love their monthly feature called, Ten Things You Didn't Know About Women. They interview celebrity women telling men what we really think about them and whe erroneous things they think about us. Funny!!! If you excuse the sultry, women as objects covers (I mean it is a men's magazine) there's a lot of gold to be mined between the pages. Lots of stuff that can be used when you're making interesting, smart conversation. I mean, where else will you find out if his stripped shirt and flower tie are fashion forward or simply a fashion faux pas? Or more importantly, health issues that are unique to men that neither you nor he may be aware of.

Pumping up your brain is just as important if not more, than pumping up the rest of your body. Gravity will never cause it to droop and you can pull impressive and seductive things out of your head in public that you'd get arrested for if they came out of you shirt.

Even if you are an amazing expert on some topic, be the type of woman who knows at least a little bit about a lot. The art of conversation is a huge and vital component to the art of seduction. Read up on topics that interest you and also topics that have captured the attention of others. Whether politics or French pedicures, form your own studied opinions (key word here--studied. There's nothing worse than an opinionated person who has no idea what they're talking about. Not sexy AT ALL)

Smart is sexy. Informed is sexy.

What do you think?

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