Friday, January 26, 2007

# 2 WMS Must Have: A Signature Symbol

Along with her unforgettable scentuality, every WMS should have her own signature symbol or trademark icon. Companies brand their image with logos so consumers can pick them out in a crowd, so why shouldn’t you? Anything that makes you stand out is a good thing.

What exactly is a signature symbol?

It is something you can see and touch that connects you with your sensual, unique self, reminds you of the woman you are striving to be, and gives the rest of the world a hint of who you are. Lots of power packed into such a little thing.

Where do I find my signature symbol?

What I suggest to women is to try to identify a particular shape, word, or for lack of a more descriptive word, thing that you have always been drawn to. Maybe it's an orchid or circle or the moon or ocean or a cloud or an open eye. For me it was the sun, mainly with faces.

For years, without really realizing it, I’ve been drawn to and collecting images of the sun on everything from vases to beach towels. When I designed my first business card again, I unconsciously picked out a sun image as the 'logo'. One day I was flipping through a book on dream symbols and came across the sun. After the reading the definition I was amazed by how much I felt it defined me and my outlook on life. Right there I adopted it as my official icon. I now wear it on charm bracelets and around my neck. It adorns my stationary and my office walls. It’s on my website and if you get a greeting card from me, most likely it will have a sun on it or sun confetti falling out of it.

It never fails that someone notices and comments on my signature symbol and it really does make me feel unique and warm and is a constant reminder of the kind of woman I want to be: A woman who takes responsibility for making her own sunshine, and who is open and generous enough to allow others to bask in it as well. This knowledge of myself informs what I do and how I do it.

So think about the shape or symbol you’ve always been drawn to. You don’t have to worry what someone else tells you it means, just recognize what positive emotions it brings out in you and let those feelings influence the way you see yourself and the way you behave. Define yourself for the rest of the world and then let them get to know and love the sensual woman within.

What do you think?

Next Entry: Your signature style (Unless of course something else pops up!)

Friday, January 19, 2007

PMS Jewelry

I'm crazy busy at the moment and haven't been able to get away to write about finding your Signature Symbol, but I promise I will. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious joke.

My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring theother day, so he would be able to monitor my moods.We've discovered that when I'm in a good mood, it turns green.When I'm in a bad mood, it leaves a big frickin' red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Doing the Laundry WMS Style

As I stated previously, living through your senses is what brings pleasure to everyday chores. Scroll down to the bottom and see how doing the wash the Weapons of Mass Seduction way is sure to brighten up your day. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Every WMS needs a signature scent. Finding a perfume you love and wearing it regularly (regularly being the key word) is a good and important step towards creating your unique sensual style. For you, it's a quick way to lift your spirits and arouse your sensuality and confidence, while for the people who get near you, it's a gentle indication of who you are and for those who are interested, it's lingering memory of an unforgettable woman.

Right now I'm obsessed with rose scent. I am still in search of a perfume that's right for me but I do wear Rose Petals body oil by Skin Love. It smells just like it advertises--romantic and sensual. I also like Rosewater hand therapy by Crabtree and Evelyn. Other than this current scent obsession, I generally wear two fragrances, depending on where I'm going and what mood I'm in. For daytime and casual wear I spritz on my current favorite L'Eau Par Kenzo. It's light and sexy and makes me feel flirty and playful. When I'm going formal or on occasions when I want to feel elegant and sophisticated, I wear Chanel No. 19. It makes me feel sensual and mysterious. You know--grown and sexy. I can feel my persona change when I have it on. I used to wear Issey Miyake but stopped when I noticed I was smelling myself everywhere. When a scent becomes too popular that's one a WMS wants to avoid.

Notice I say that each fragrance makes me feel a particular way. Even though fragrance is mostly about your sense of smell, all of your senses work together to inform your emotional state. And fragrance definitely has an effect on your mood and behavior.

Choosing the scent you like enough to be your signature fragrance can be difficult because there are so many available to choose from. It should definitely correspond to your individual personality and style, but if you haven't quite gotten figured it out yet, use the designers and celebrities as a clue. Find one whose style sensibilities are close to yours and start there.

To further assist you, I've included a fragrance test I pulled off the Internet. It's a fun way to think about your personal preferences, which will help you not only with picking your scentual signature, but your overall sensual style.

Perfect Scents
Discover your signature fragrance
By Heidi Rehak

Perfume is more than a dab or spritz as part of our morning ritual. We love knowing we smell pleasing to others, we admire the beautifully crafted bottles and packages our favorite scents come in, and we feel chic knowing we're wearing the latest "It" designer - even in liquid form.
But if you have yet to find your personal scent, or are looking to expand your fragrance wardrobe, the following quiz might be a handy drop of inspiration.

1. Your favorite color pairing is:
A. Yellow and orange
B. Red and gold
C. Green and brown
D. Pink and purple

2. Which herbal tea can most often be found in your cup?
A. Lemon Zinger
B. Jasmine
C. Green
D. Vanilla Almond

3. Your fantasy vacation would take you to:
A. The English countryside
B. An open-air market in Morocco
C. The redwood forest
D. A tropical island

4. You just might come back in your next life as a:
A. Butterfly
B. Black cat
C. Horse
D. Dog

5. Your most recent clothing or accessory splurge was:
A. Crock-print mules in a bright color
B. Sparkly, beaded bangles
C. Khaki pants
D. A pink cashmere sweater

6. Your favorite winter activity is:
A. Visiting a warm locale to soak in some sun
B. Skiing in the Swiss Alps
C. Building a snowperson
D. Snuggling with your honey under a down comforter

7. The perfect gift from your significant other would be:
A. A spa gift certificate
B. Sexy lingerie
C. A surprise picnic in the park
D. A bouquet of flowers

8. Your favorite restaurant serves which type of food?
A. Italian
B. Asian or Indian
C. Barbecue
D. Nouvelle cuisine

9. The type of music you adore most is:
A. Classical
B. World music
C. Rock
D. Jazz

10. Your signature outfit is:
A. Flirty skirt and beaded top
B. Something glittery, form-fitting and low cut
C. Warm-up suits or anything made from polar fleece
D. A long, loose, flowing dress in silk or linen

Add up the total number of times you chose letters A, B, C and D. Your fragrance style corresponds to the letter you chose most frequently.

Your perfume profile: Citrus/fruity

You love the tangy essence of fresh-squeezed juice, a wedge of lemon or ripe pears. Fruity fragrances are perfect for active women shuttling between the office, a Pilate's class and home, since they're usually light, crisp and not overpowering.
Try: Clinique Happy To Be; DKNY Perfume; Victoria Secret Breathless; and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Your perfume profile: Exotic
Vanilla, fresh-mulled cider, a pepper mill, cinnamon and nutmeg are some of your favorite aromas. These fragrances are usually perceived as sexy and powerful because of the high doses of intriguing and pungent ingredients that they contain, such as musk, sandalwood and caramel.
Try: Yves Saint Laurent Opium; Tom Ford's Black Orchid; Clinique Aromatics Elixer Velvet Sheer; and Juicy Couture.

Your perfume profile: Outdoorsy

Herbs, pine trees, a cedar chest and spring rain are all scents that lure you in. Since they contain so many green notes (patchouli, pine, basil and juniper), woodsy perfumes are ideally suited for those who work outside - or those who dream of hiking in the forest
Try: Marc Jacobs Splash-Ivy; Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Intense; Calvin Klein CK One Electric; and Escada Into the Blue.

Your perfume profile: Romantic
You love the scent of a spring garden in bloom, a bouquet of roses or a lavender sachet. Florals are one of the most popular fragrance categories because of their ultra-feminine appeal. However, lest you think that all florals smell sweet and girlie, know that they can range in complexity from single-note scents, like pure rose, to fruity or spicy blends.
Try: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely; Chanel No. 5; Lancome Mille & Une Roses; Stella in Two Peony; and Estee Lauder Pleasures by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now get out there and start turning up some noses!

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Your Sensual Signature: Five Things Every WMS Should Own

We've all been there. You know, you and the girls decide to go out and hang for a while so you get all dolled up and hit the town. You're sitting in a place minding your own business, thinking you're looking cute and hoping someone else is going to think so too. And then here she comes. Ms. Thing. She sashays confidently into the room oblivious that all eyes, including yours, are on her. She's wearing the perfect little black dress (the one you've been searching for but always see on some other woman's back) and struts over to the bar in a way that makes every body part sway with come-hither appeal. It's a walk that brings men to her side and sends women into private places to practice. You feel both jealousy and admiration towards this diva. Talk about paling by comparison. Suddenly you don't feel so cute. And of course, the biatch sits down right next to you and instead of ordering a Cosmo like every other girl in the room, asks for some drink you've never heard of.

On closer inspection you see that she's more striking than beautiful. More sensuous than sexy. Of course, within minutes some Chris Rock looking guy is elbowing you out of the way to get to her. You watch her handle the admirer, graciously accepting his compliments with a you're-so-sweet-but-this-is never-going-to-happen smile and sending him back to his friends thinking he's Denzel Washington. You realize then that they key to her irresistible charm is confidence. This is a woman who is totally at ease with herself. A woman to study and emulate, not envy.

She has that undefinable "it" and you want it too. But how? Where do you start?

Most true WMS take great pride in their individual sensuality. They have, through trial and error and dedicated effort, honed a look and air about them that is unique and memorable. It's the little things that they do or say or wear that make them stand out in a crowd. And because they aren't trying to be like everyone else, being themselves can never be wrong.

So how do you cultivate your own sensual signature? My suggestion would be to start with the following list of five things that IMHO, every WMS should own and make part of their everyday existence. Each item on this list, first and foremost, should remind YOU that you are a confident, unique, sensual woman and by default the rest of the world will realize this too. And make a note: these are not items found on the 'what's hot' or trend lists of the season, but rather carefully considered 'finds' that define you.

1. Signature Scent. Every WMS should have her own scentuality. It's a sweet lasting impression that will linger long after you've gone.

2. Signature Symbol. Just like companies brand their products so should you. Identify your special trademark icon and share it with the world.

3. Signature Style. Know your personal style and dress and accessorize to express yourself. This includes everything from a signature accessory to your signature cocktail. And very WMS should own at least one pair of CFM shoes. Nothing can make you look more sexy than a great pair of heels or less sexy than a matronly pair of Aerosoles.
4. Signature Smile. You'd be surprised how much you don't smile and you should as it's your most effective seduction tool.

5. Sense of self. Woman know thyself, love you, live your truth and make no excuses.

Let's be clear. These are not things you put in your trick bag and bring out for special occasions. These are things you build your sensual persona around, the things people come to know you by. These are your personal touches that make you stand out in the crowd and mark you as a woman who knows and likes herself. You're not trying to dress up and play at being a sensual woman. You are owning your unique sensuality and therefore simply being irresistible you.

So take a minute to think about the list in general and then on the next few entries, we'll discuss each one individually.

Next entry: Scentuality

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sensuality Lecture 101: Sensuality vs Sexuality

When you hear the word sensuality, what is the very first thought that pops into your mind?

I’ll pause while you ponder.

Okay, raise your hand if you said, “Sex.”

If you did, it’s okay. You’re not wrong, just a little misguided. Most people do think that sexuality and sensuality are synonymous. We’ve been trained that way. And for sure, sensuality is a key ingredient in achieving a richer, more satisfying sexual experience. But, as Joey Clements, the sensuality coach in my new novel, points out,

“Sensuality, my lovelies, is much more encompassing than just a mere sexual perk. To be sensual means to be acutely aware of your surroundings. It’s the joyous preoccupation with what you smell, touch, hear, taste and see. With the right state of mind, you can make anything a sensual experience—eating, walking, dancing, gardening, laundry—you name it.”

Think about it? Outside of the bedroom, just how sensual are you? Do you save the soft sheets for company? Your favorite outfit for a special occasion? Do you buy flowers only for special events? Light candles and put on sexy panties and perfume when it’s time to make love? Are you only sensual when other people are watching?

Have you ever picked up a rose petal, closed your eyes, brought it to your nose and inhaled its sweet bliss? A rose’s aroma is subtle and seductive…erotically innocent and yet confidently powerful. You haven’t noticed? Have you taken the velvety soft petal and rubbed it across your cheek or breast and felt your body tingle in reaction?

No? Why, because it is just a floral decoration?

Here’s more from Joey Clements.

“Sensual people savor the world around them, not simply observe it. They experience each task rather than rush through it to get at some imagined end, and in so doing, live a more passionate and appreciative existence.

“So by living sensually, you begin to see the world in vivid color and delight in the goodness that envelops you daily. You’re always in the moment and aren’t hung up on the future or the past. And this, my lovelies, has a huge bearing on how you perceive life…and sex.”

Make a commitment to yourself to notice the sensuality of the world around you. Take some time each day and vow to experience your world from a sensual perspective. Take a walk and notice the sounds, sights, smells, textures and tastes around you. Do the housework in your best underwear and listen to music that rocks you from the inside out. Make dinner a sensual extravaganza. From the laundry room to the bedroom and everywhere in between, explore the sensual you and learn how to use your unique sensibilities to create an extraordinary atmosphere in which to live, love and of course, make love. Stop looking at your sensuality as a sexual perk and start enjoying it 24/7. Because when you feel like a sensual woman you behave like one. And that confidence, my lovelies, is the true secret to driving your partner wild in bed.

What do you think?

Next entry: Five things every sensual woman should own.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming...

I realize that this entry was supposed to be about sexuality vs sensuality, but I need to take time out for a commercial message. I added a new subscription service to this blog and want to encourage you to subscribe. If you do, instead of you having to seek out these amazing pearls of sensual wisdom (LOL), they will arrive to you via email. Just scroll down to the sign up box on the right and insert your email address. Every time there's a new post you'll know because your mailbox will be just a tad hotter! Sign up now! And please don't hesitate to send in your comments. Thanks.

We now return to our regular programming.

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year...A New Sensual You

Happy New Year! Just a short message today to say, while you're making your resolutions for 2007 don't forget to add "A Sensual New Me" to top of the list. This is the year for you to find your lost sensual side-the side that easily gets pushed away as life becomes more demanding and age and other people's opinions take their toll on your feminine confidence. Make a promise to yourself that you will rediscover your sensual side so you can live in the moment, experience life to its absolute fullest and be the unique, amazing sensual woman you were meant to be.

It's going to be a great 2007! What do you think?

Next entry: Sensuality vs. Sexuality