Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unleash the Sensual You Workshop in CA

If you live in the Bay Area, I'd like to invite you to join me for an Unleash the Sensual You Workshop. This is your chance to discover ways to become the confident, sexy woman you were meant to be as I share with you ideas and techniques to embrace and enhance the woman you already are but just aren't sharing with the world. We'll talk about how to unearth the confidence everyone says you need but you can't seem to locate; and how to use that confidence to charm and disarm and get what you want out of life, both in and out of the bedroom. Please grab a friend or two and join us. It's free and I promise you will leave feeling fabulous!

When: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Good Vibrations 2504 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA
Admission: FREE

Following the workshop there will be a booksigning for my new anthology, Can't Help The Way That I Feel.

I will also be doing Dare to Be Tempted readings and signing while I'm in the Bay Area at:

When: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Time: 12 Noon
Where: Marcus Books
1712 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA

When: Friday, June 11, 2010
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Marcus Books
3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Oakland, CA

If you're in the area, bring a friend or two and join us. Tempting you with their sensual thoughts and words will be contributing authors Toi James and Teddy Bell. Come. Let us lead you into temptation!!!

Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you think might enjoy the event.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'd Rather Sleep Than Have Sex With My Husband

A depressing new study that depressingly found that 63 percent of married women would rather get extra sleep or catch up on their reading than have sex with their husbands may also have depressingly pinpointed why: Less than half of women surveyed say they married the best sex of their lives.

48 percent of married women say the guy they locked it down with isn't the guy who brought it the best in the sack. The data comes from a survey conducted for iVillage by Insight Express. Over 2,000 bored but satisfied women responded.

Maybe the old truism that the best sex is sex with somebody you love isn't true -- maybe the best sex is actually with that Venetian guy you met and had sex with on a roof garden while backpacking through Italy and never saw again.

More likely, it's because the majority (81 percent!!!) of women in the survey say their sex lives are predictable, based on location, position, time of day, duration, and foreplay ... Which is why it's not surprising that 62 percent of them said they fantasized about having sex with somebody else. Well, if somebody's going to be halfheartedly plugging away at you in the mish posish, it's no surprise when a young woman's fancy turns to thoughts of George Clooney.

Is this you?

Reprinted from AOL written by Emerald Catron

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why Do Men Like Breasts So Much?

I was out last night and as it often does, the female conversation turned to bodies, or more specifically, what's wrong with them. The list was long and painfully typical--too small, too big, too saggy, too round, too long. After a couple of rounds of discussion, the question was asked: Why do men like breasts so much? The heads of those in the circle of conversation who knew me and what I do, turned expectantly in my direction.

So despite the fact that have made it clear that I am not a professional, but only a woman with a studied (read practical, lifelong observation)point of view, I gave them the answer that first popped into my head. I share it now with you for your consideration.

My theory is that men like breasts for two main reasons: First, because right or wrong, breasts have become the visual badge of a woman's sexuality. The bigger the boobs, supposedly the greater her sexual prowess. (Thanks Pamela Anderson. No surprise here that you got voted off of Dancing With the Stars) Now we enlightened women know that this is a crock of horse poop, but it is what it is, and trying to change a man's mind on this subject is wasted energy. We also know that while the majority of men will raise both hands when offered a serving of double D's, when talking about the woman they love, large breasts fall way down on the list of things they love (or miss) about her.

The second, and most important reason that I believe that men love breasts are because no matter what their size or shape,they are interactive. Breasts, particularly nipples, respond physically to arousal and desire. Men love the way breasts become engorged and how nipples swell and stiffen in their hands and mouths. This gives our visually oriented partners immediate feedback,ego gratification and the incentive to continue to please.

So again, ladies, stop worrying about what you don't have and start enjoying what you do. Embrace the health and sensitivity of your breasts and let the other things like their size and shape fall way down on your list of things you dislike about yourself. Wrap them up pretty like the gift they are and enjoy the sexual energy the produce.

Change your Sexitude. Change your life.

What do you think?

Saturday, May 1, 2010


You know, those who fancy themselves as the grand 'deciders' never cease to amaze me. Today, I'm talking about the brilliant cheese for brains executives at ABC and Fox. How they could ban the commercial above for being "inappropriate" "baring too much cleavage" and "salacious" is beyond me.

This is deemed inappropriate but they will air not only commercials but entire shows featuring the Sports Illustrated models and Victoria Secret Angels. They showcase these women who are in a weight and figure class all of their own, hammering in the misconceived and untrue notion that these size 0 mannequins flitting around in lingerie designed to GIVE THEM MORE CURVES and spray tanned skin and bones are the poster children of sexy.

Obviously they don't realize that the luscious, curvy woman in this Lane Bryant commercial is more representative of average women. They also don't realize that it's not either body type that makes these women's their attitudes. Lane Bryant Lovely or Victoria Secret Angel, it's how they strut the stuff they've got--size 0 or size 16--that set them apart from the also rans.

Unfortunately it's the idiot gatekeepers like them that keep folks like me busy reminding women that sexy is not a weight class or a bra size. Sexy is as sexy does and the woman featured in this very sensuous commercial is holding up the truth that sexy comes in every size and it's the enormity of your confidence, not your breasts that makes you a contender. Ladies, don't buy into the bullsh*t. Being yourself can never be wrong. Remember: Confidence is Mother Nature's push-up bra!