Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five Tips for Great Sex

Check out my interview on lovingyou.com You'll find my five sensual, sensible, doable, and oh so enjoyable tips on on how add a little umph! to your love life. Let me know what you think! Happy loving!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Create A Sexy Bedroom

I saw this video on AOL and thought you might be interested. The importance of creating a sensual haven for you and yours to escape, dream, recharge and reconnect, can't be overstated. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your Exit Line?

Take note, Washington, D.C., we unleashed a beautiful bevy of friendly flirts this past weekend! Thank you Secret Pleasures!

One of the comments that came up during the workshop was from a lovely single mother who said she didn't like to flirt because she didn't know how to turn off the attention from men she was not interested in. As a result, she'd shut down her charm offense totally, but admitted to missing her flirty side.

I constantly stress to my Stiletto University students is that "You can't be that woman if you can't handle that woman." When you unearth and share with the world your unique personality, energy and style, you can't help but attract attention. Some from admirers you will covet, and some attention from those you don't.

Attracting attention, good or bad, is the nature of the charming beast. IMHO, putting a cap on your feminine fizz is not an option, so learning how to deal with the overflow is important. The first thing to remember is that the majority of admirers are simply gifting you with their positive attention,so even though you may not be interested, they still deserve your courtesy and appreciation for doing what you want the world to do anyway--notice you. You need to send them on their way as pleasantly as possible (don't forget that someone else might be watching). So perfect an exit line that saves their ego and applauds their good taste.

My go-to, (and most effective) exit line is: "Thank you so much, you have made my night, but my husband really gets upset when I date." I deliver it with a killer smile and make my exit.

For the totally obnoxious who simply won't take a hint, I simply excuse myself, saying "I have to call home," walk away and exit to the ladies room or join a group conversation where he will be reluctant to follow.

Be friendly, be firm and continue being flirty. Si find your exit line and get out there and handle your business!