Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Body Language Counts

So, you spent some good money on an amazing outfit, your hair is done and your makeup flawless and still you find yourself the wallflower once again.

What is your body language revealing about you? Does the way you stand tell the world (and that man) that you are confident, friendly and approachable? Or does it say that you're insecure about your looks and feel out of your league? Or are you screaming to anyone who looks that you really don't feel like being bothered?

Posture and body language can say more about you than anything that comes out of your mouth. So be aware of not only how you look when you leave the house but how you look once you arrived. Stand tall, walk confidently and wear a smile, the best calling card you have at your disposal.

Check out the celebrities and see for yourself how poor posture can make even the most beautiful and expensively dressed starlet fade into the background, while a smile and a little confidence can make any star shine.

Technical Difficulties

I apologize but because of the recent storms that have visited our area, my Internet service has been spotty at best. It is hopefully back for good, and I'll be catching up on my blogging in the next few days. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, take part in this month's poll. I'm dying to know how many of you are going online to meet people. Back soon!